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Orée des bois. Station climatique mobile à vélo (2022)

How do trees of the Boreal Forest live seasonal cycles in the context of climate change? Visitors are invited to experience this phenomenon as an artwork—Orée des bois, a mobile climate station with bicycle—through the ongoing collaboration between MÉDIANE and the scientific group SmartForests. Inspired by phenology, the artwork focuses on the growth of a yellow birch tree from May to November 2021. A series of visualizations of the internal processes of this emblematic species of Quebec is combined with time-lapse photographs from Sainte-Émélie-de-l’Énergie in Lanaudière. The artwork studies the altered spatio-temporality of the seasons, modulated by the variation of the ambient local temperature. Equipped with a custom-made weather kit, the Mobile Climate Station will be activated in the neighbourhood surrounding the exhibition to interact with publics. This micro-installation is the mobile version of the eponymous outdoor media installation presented in June 2022.





Tuesday, October 25: 3-6pm (Parc Pierre-Dansereau)

Saturday, October 29: 3-8pm (Jardins du campus MIL)

Sunday, October 30: 2-5pm (outside of Anteism Books)

*In the event of rain, we will announce updates on the website and social media.




Financial and technical support
The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI), the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture (FRQSC) and Hexagram-UQAM.


About MÉDIANE, Ælab and SmartForests
MÉDIANE, the Canada Research Chair in Arts, Ecotechnologies of Practice and Climate Change is led by Gisèle Trudel of UQAM’s École des arts visuels et médiatiques who is also a research member of Hexagram. Trudel and teams of students and professionals are actively working to create a dialogue between scientific data collection on forest dynamics, technological arts and encounters with the publics, to foster the circulation of ideas and creative actions in changing climates. (

Gisèle Trudel and Stéphane Claude founded the Ælab artist research unit in 1996. Stéphane Claude is a composer, sound engineer, independent audio consultant and Head of audio research at the artist-run center OBORO. Their protean practice manifests as experimental documentary, bridging analog and digital media with collective engagement. Lectures, performances and exhibitions are presented regularly in Montreal and abroad. (

Led at UQAM by forest ecologist Daniel Kneeshaw, the SmartForests pan-Canadian scientific network documents the climatic variations of water, soils and forests in Canada.


Yellow Birch. Concept and production: Ælab (Gisèle Trudel + Stéphane Claude). Steel. Metalworks : Antoine Caron. Aluminium. Production assistance: Zoé Fauvel. Tethers. Batteries. 3D plans and architectural renderings: Kévin Pinvidic. Bolts. Rubber. Inner tubes. Touch Designer: Marie-Ève Morissette. Electricity. Solar panel. Speakers. Sensor code : Natalia Balska. Update sensors: Jihen Ben Chikha. Cables. Plastics. Plexiglass. Wheels. Tires. Consultants and colleagues: Daniel Kneeshaw and Christoforos Pappas (SmartForests). Electronics. Screws. Équipe des étudiantes durant l’expo : Joanni Grenier, Laurence Dauphinais, Mélodie Claire Jetté.

Photos credit:
1. Ælab. (2022). Station climatique mobile. Photo: Gisèle Trudel.
2. Ælab. (2022). Station climatique mobile. Photo: Alexis Bellavance.
3-7. Ælab. (2022). Images tirées des séquences vidéo.