At Montreal Digital Spring (Printemps numérique), we believe that visitor engagement sparks and deepens connections with contemporary art, by creating stimulating conversations, raising key questions, and sharing ideas about the artworks and themes explored in the exhibition

We aim:

  • To create a welcoming gallery experience that encourages personal meaning making
  • To nurture intellectual growth through experiences with art and research creation
  • To make education more collaborative and inclusive
  • For everyone to have access to the transformative power of art 

Our cultural mediation team offers on-site group visits for school groups (from secondary to university), community groups, and the general public.

The guided tour will allow participants, regardless of age or occupation, to gain a better understanding of the Eco(systems) of Hope exhibition and the themes therein addressed (such as climate responsibility and equity), as well as the artworks and the artists’ intentions through their creative process.

The tours are a great opportunity for students to discover the possibilities of digital technologies through the work of contemporary Canadian and international artists who use media such as virtual reality, video, and interactive installations in innovative and experimental ways.

The guided tours also include the possibility of including a creative workshop, during which participants will be able to express themselves and exchange on the notion of hope, echoing the way artists communicate their own vision of it.

Through our activities, students can share and discuss their views on themes relevant to young audiences, such as the future, climate change, hope and the act of caring for what surrounds us.


The Education component and the cultural mediation activities of the Eco(System) of Hope exhibition are sponsored by the Laval Higher Education Center in Digital Arts and Creative Economy (PLAN).